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Stolpersteine: Ein Persönliches Schicksal

Katrin Himmler (born 1967) is a German author. She is the granddaughter of Ernst Himmler, who was the younger brother of Heinrich Himmler, one of the leading figures of Nazi Germany and principal architect of The Holocaust. In 2007 she published Die Brüder Himmler: Eine deutsche Familiengeschichte, simultaneously published in English by Macmillan as The Himmler Brothers: A German Family History.

Katrin Himmler is married to an Israeli, and said that she researched and wrote the book so that her son would have a full understanding of his family’s history. She told an interviewer: “When my husband and I had our son, it became clear I had to break with the family tradition of not speaking about the past. I wanted to give my son as much information as possible, so that when he starts asking questions about my family, at least I can answer him.”

From: Katrin Himmler
Date: May 26, 2008 1:46:32 PM PDT
To: Liliane Pelzman
Subject: And No More Sorrow/Stolpersteine: Ein Persönliches Schicksal

Dear Liliane Pelzman,

Thank you so much for your wonderful, touching book about your mother! And above all, thanks to both of you for your warm, heartful dedication and openness.
I admire your courage and strength, both of you having confronted with the past in such a detailed, painful way, which makes the reader almost cry – how much harder must it have been for both of you to talk about and write it down!
Have you been or are you the only one of Sonja‘s children who wanted to be told about her memoirs? Indeed, there seem to be      so many parallels between the second generation syndromes (and even third, as I can realize by myself!) of both sides, the perpetrators and the survivors.
Yes, I also do think that we, the following generations, should try to build bridges. But sometimes I have the feeling that we are not enough to do so – this is what I say in my weak moments like now, when I have the impression that I took a responsibility on my shoulders which is much to heavy :-).

Anyway, I hope you will mostly have the strength to cope with the pain.
I admire your honesty and your positive thinking. And even more, the incredibly positive thinking and sense of humor of your mother. Please tell her my deep respect and warmest greetings.
Very kind regards, yours

Stolpersteine: Eine persönliches Schicksal

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