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January 22, 1945. Location: A satellite camp of concentration camp Gross-Rosen, Poland. There was something extraordinary about waking up that Tuesday morning in Camp Birnbäumel. That morning, Sonja Rosenstein (23) was to be finally liberated after having been engulfed by a tsunami of death and destruction, which today we know as the Shoa or the Holocaust.

Sonja’s memoir And No More Sorrow is the first in our Holocaust/WWII memoirs series.

This Holocaust/WWII memoirs series is published by The memoirs are written by Nazi Germany survivors in Europe and Pacific theater survivors who endured the Japanese concentration camps in the Dutch East Indies, today better known as the Republic of Indonesia. titles are available on and Barnes and Noble paperbacks, ebooks and audio books. Comments/Reviews on Amazon and Goodreads are much appreciated!

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