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August 1, 2012 /

Enjoying your genetically modified corn?

Enjoy your modified corn

Kevlar finds a new use: Protecting tractors from cornstalks…Farmers ride a tractor through their cornfield on July 20, 2012 near Whiteland, Ind. Stalks of genetically modified corn are tough, so tough that they’re puncturing tractor tires. Farmers are fighting back.

Genetically modified crops are engineered to be tough. It helps them fight off pests, withstand drought.  And it’s a beefed-up-mess, you can see. Their stalks are stiffer and tougher. So when you cut them off to harvest them, it’s like having a field of little spears. Little spears that are stabbing, and bumping and chewing up tractor tires — poor tires.

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