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January 5, 2012 /

An Eye for an Eye

This title will be available shortly on Amazon listed by seasidepress.  Have you ever thought about revenge or justice? This fast-paced auto-biographical true story recounted in An Eye for an Eye (71 pages) will not disappoint!

Some lives are unusual and adventurous enough to make the reading of their autobiographies worthwhile. Such is the case with A. Venger (a pseudonym), the central character of this grippingly interesting book. His life and times were atypical and he writes of his experiences in Hitler‘s Europe with a candor that at times seems brutal. Here is the story of a courageous youth, whose trials and tribulations, whose tenuous existence is graphically recounted in language so realistic, that it becomes a powerful portrayal of human drama, showing the indomitable spirit of Man overcoming the worst of adversities.

About the Author

For his own health and peace of mind, A. Venger (a pseudonym) has chosen to remain anonymous to the publisher and his reading audience. The only known “facts” about him are a letter from a foreign country, with a manuscript. Sent from a post office box, of course. But when reading his story, it starts making sense. Here is a man, once wronged beyond tolerance, yet who achieved the ultimate bitter sweetness of revenge many years later. And this anonymity is the only price he is willing to pay for it.

A story of revenge or justice. You be the judge.

Chronicles of an Obsession

An Eye for an Eye - Chronicles of an Obsession



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  1. Anonymous / Jan 7 2012 6:34 pm

    Let me know when this is available. ‘Never Surrender! A true story’ was a great read. Thank you Seaside Press.

    • seasidepress / Jan 8 2012 7:24 pm

      An Eye for an Eye will be available by the end of January of 2012, downloadable from Amazon Kindle for $7. Thanks so much for reading!
      The Eye for an Eye team


  1. NEW on Kindle Tomorrow « seasidepress

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